Viking Helmet Week

Me wearing Viking Helmet 2This week I will adopt this as a temporary Avatar.

I was reminded yesterday that I am in a battle. So this is my way of telling the world, my inner warrior is back in business.

For years I have been politely listening to unsolicited advice. I didn’t know anything about anything or so I was generally being encouraged to believe.

I might have travelled alone in the Middle East, lived in four different countries. worked numerous jobs including teaching but I apparently needed instruction on just about everything. I am not slow to ask for advice WHEN I need it, but sometimes I just like to do things my way even when it appears to make no sense to others. I survived the challenging marriage thing for almost twenty years.. I might not be the perfect Mother but my children are  ok. I even occasionally perform reasonably at bowling. I had some Non-Euclidean Sofa style fantasies  yesterday when some person came up trying to instruct my bowling. I want to thank them by the way. This font of wisdom made me so mad I almost got a strike!


Bowling (1)


So for at least the next week world, if you feel like sharing the  unsolicited benefits of your wisdom-just walk and keep walking until you completely lose the urge to share it with me.