A New Landscape

Me wearing Viking Helmet 2


I wanted to write about toxic people again but from a different angle. What would our lives have been without them blasting    Blast (1) their ways unceremoniously through?

I had consciously and  uncharacteristically decided to take a chance on love. Having  realised I needed to break out of my comfort zone, I had almost immediately managed to find my very own toxic person(certainly not the only toxic person in my life, but I did need to experience a particularly nasty dose before I finally woke up).

It has changed everything. I am no longer the slightly smug, complacent person I once was. I had previously believed, I lived in one world and toxic people lived in another. It had never occured to me that our paths would cross or had indeed already crossed. It is a loss of innocence after which life will never be the same again.So many things I had never understood, make more sense to me now. The News takes on a whole new complexion once you have brushed with a seriously toxic person  and have begun to understand the way they operate. The rose-coloured  glasses not only come off. They get crushed to pieces and ground into dust.  Webp.net-gifmaker (60)

It takes a while for the scene to settle down again and the landscape becomes new and uncertain. In the midst of realising how many toxic people were in my life, I had what Oprah would call

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when I had realised that the new landscape was not completely barren.


Somewhere amid the devastation, positive people are re-emerging into my life. It is only a trickle at the moment but they are there. They had never really left me, It was I, I now realise, who had left them.


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I love Canva