I Still Love Canva

Canva this is how you make me feel.

I thought I would give an Australian company a little support here. My drawing skills are pretty basic. As for my efforts at computer graphics, they are even more basic(you have seen them). However I have become an avid user of Canva to illustrate my blogs. I am not a subscriber. Currently I purchase graphics on demand, which seems to work well for me. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase ten blog illustrations(ten Australian dollars). I actually got eleven for ten dollars today. As my number of subscribers increases, I may feel able to upgrade to one of their subscription packages.

I particularly like their  unique editing features and use them all the time. I also enjoy their great supportive quotes, which pop up. They have really encouraged me to continue with my amateur efforts at design. The latest one that’s just popped up.

Steve Jobs

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

I am so impressed with Canva that I actually wrote and thanked them. Here is their prompt response.

Your unending support and love for Canva is greatly appreciated! We have a lot of great and exciting features in store for you so please stay tuned.

Keep up the good work Canva!

IWebp.net-gifmaker (45)Canva

I love Canva



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