Lance Corporal John George Panton(1894-1915)

John George Panton, Great Great Grandson of James Panton(1785-1857). Great Grandson of James Panton, town crier of the Bail.(1805=1849). Grandson of George Panton(1821-1882) Son of John James Panton and Sophie Elizabeth Wholey

It appears Lance Corporal John George Panton took part in the Battle of Neuve Chappelle, (as part of the Lincolnshire Regiment) which took place in 10th to 13th March 1915, as he is buried in the British cemetery at Neuve Chappelle. He was reported as wounded and in hospital(6 Montpelier Square) in August 1915. He is subsequently described as sick August 1915, On September 18th 1915, it is reported he has influenza. He appears to have returned to the fighting having been discharged from hospital and was subsequently killed 18th November 1915.

History of the World War-Neuve Chapelle by Francis Andrew March