Thank you Great Grandmother! -Today I needed to remind myself that perhaps I have a little Boadicea in my DNA.

Family History Biographies

Being a female warrior is sometimes a hard road. In a world where other female qualities seem to receive more recognition. Amazon-style women are frequently not favoured. Am I the only one whose imagination as a child was captured by Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni ? Perhaps the modern day equivalent in the imagination of young girls is  Daenerys Targaryen.

Documentary about Boadicea

Interestingly my Great Grandmother was actually born in East Anglia, home of Boadicea and the Iceni and had deep ancestry in the area. I never thought about it till I watched the video. 

I noticed a female blogger today wearing a Viking helmet and it reminded me how the Viking helmet in our own dressing up box, had  long been a favourite of my daughter (although she now tells me  the horns are historically inaccurate).  Personally I believe the warrior in women is generally under…

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