Stealing Joy

Today I was reading Non-Euclidean Sofa’s blog and it reminded me of that horrible feeling when you discover somebody has removed your bike and you are going to have to walk home. Comparatively trivial things can have huge consequences. I loved the film Sliding Doors, where it shows two different possible alternate realities, all because she missed a train. When we do the wrong thing, even a simple thing like parking across a footpath(my personal bugbear), there are sometimes consequences we cannot foresee. As I write this, I cringe at some of my own mistakes.

We have also been burgled. We lost all manner of personal items, most of which were replaceable, but the thing which absolutely broke my heart, was the fact that they stole my son’s Playstation. I had not been keen on video games but I had told him, that if he saved half the money, I would pay the other half. I still remember going with him to buy his Playstation. He was so excited and he had cuddled it to his chest, grinning broadly as he left the store. I didn’t think I cared about material things but that Playstation mattered. I broke down in tears when describing the loss to a friend. A few hours later there was a knock on the door. The friend had brought down his own Playstation for my son to use till his Playstation was replaced by insurance. I was so touched. It had reminded us of the goodness in people.

It did get replaced by insurance.  We all still played happily on the replacement.  Somehow it  had never felt  quite the same. The theft of that  original Playstation probably changed all our lives. I  notice both of my youngsters almost lost heart for saving for things, much as I have tried to encourage it. Understandably they felt, “What’s the point? Somebody will only steal it”.

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