Making Mistakes and not Always Learning from Them.

My youngsters were incredulous yesterday about the Facebook robots which were shut down. as they were talking to each other in a language, which only they understood. When you are the mother of teenagers you learn rapidly that you know nothing. I held back the urge to say,”I told you so.”- but only just.

Facebook robots invent own language.

All this made me think about my blog and whether any of the other blogs might in fact, be written by robots. I thought about me. How come to that did I know I wasn’t a robot?(Cleverbot has already asked me).

I decided if I were a robot, I would actually be a lot better at housework than I actually am. I also recalled the video I had seen of Google Deep Mind learning to walk.

Google Deep Mind Learning to walk

The difference between me and a robot I have decided is that I do not always learn from my mistakes.


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