John Panton-His Story

John Panton was born to James Panton (a grocer’s porter born around 1786) in about 1804. He was christened at Saint Mary Magdalane’s Church in Lincoln on March  4th, 1804. John ‘s mother was called Rebecca and she was born in Kealby Lincolnshire in 1775.

According to the 1851 census. James Panton died August 16th, 1857 in Lincoln aged 73. (Lincolnshire Chronicle, Northampton, Rutland and Nottingham Advertiser, August 31st,1857). The notice actually describes him as a grocer’s porter, which matches census information

At the current time I believe John had a sister Mary Ann born around 1806.

Currently the date of John’s marriage is undetermined, as I feel I have insufficient evidence to confirm his wife, Mary’s surname.

Mary and John are described as having nine children at the time of John’s trial in 1846. I believe these children were Ann(1829-), John(1831-), Robert(1835-), Susan(1837-1894), Rebecca(1839-), William(1841-), Sarah(1842-), Charlotte(1842-) and Frederick(.1845-)

Mary faced court in March 1845.Mary had thrown stones at another tallow chandler, Griffits Osler, when she had been caught scavenging round the yard of Mr Turner, the grocer (which was something she had apparently done before, as she was considered to be the reason why it was kept locked). She was tried on March 19th 1845. Regardless it appears to have been a time of hardship for the family which had resulted in Mary being fined and John being jailed for three months for theft from his employer Edward Scrivener.

The 1861 census finds John and Mary, with their children Robert, Rebecca and Fred still living at 52 Bail Gate in Lincoln. By this time John Panton is working as a labourer. They have also acquired a lodger John Shaw.



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