What do I really know for sure?-An Update

Update number 2

Yesterday’s research turned my ideas on their head. There does indeed appear to have been two John and Mary Pantons who lived around the same time. Like all journeys there are twists and turns.

I have been able to confirm the death of John Panton’s father James Panton occured August 16th, 1857. He is still described as a grocer’s porter and is said to be aged 73 which also fits in with information I have already obtained. I am now fairly certain that the  John Panton, described as a farmer in the 1881 census is the correct one, as the details for his son Henry match, but suddenly John and Mary are both aged 74?(although to be fair it is very difficult to read.) What are the odds of another John and Mary Panton also having a son of the name Henry of exactly the right age and living in Lincolnshire. I have also now taken another look at the 1871 census, where John Panton is described as a farmer of forty acres

It intrigues me that John Panton is  now described as a retired farmer living at 87 Orby in previous census he lived at 75 Orby. My newspaper research has helped me understand that Orby, likely refers to Orby Lane in Burgh le Marsh, Lincolnshire.

My newspaper search appears to have delivered some truly shocking news. John Panton killed himself  8th May 8th 1885, aged eighty two.(Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury, May 8th,1885) I now actually hope I have got it all wrong.  

I know John Panton was married to Mary and they had the following children:Ann Panton,John Panton, Robert Panton,Susan Panton,Rebecca Panton, Charlotte Panton, Frederick Panton and Henry Panton. I also know John Panton’s parents were James and Rebecca Panton. James Panton was a grocer’s porter in 1841(I wonder if he too worked for Edward Scrivener).Money

Unfortunately I have also been able to confirm he was almost certainly the same John Panton who was jailed for three months for stealing from Edward Scrivener. (court records match my John Panton’s details).

So being that this is one of the few certainties, I will concentrate on this incident. I already know most of the details from newspaper reports.


To be continued..

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