You Can’t Understand Someone until You’ve Walked a Mile in their Shoes..

It is a great privilege to be able to write. It is an even greater one to be able to share our thoughts with potentially millions of people worldwide. I see the little flags come up and cannot believe where my words can reach from this humble room. Writing is no longer the lonely, solitary activity it once was. Writers are now able to share their solitude with each other. I have already mentioned social media,  of which I am not generally a fan.  I have been asking myself what is the difference between blogging and spending my life on social media. I came to the conclusion that social media encourages us to produce an edited highlight reel whereas here in our blogs, there are frequently  the struggles more than the highlights. There is often a raw honesty to the blogs I read, which I find lacking elsewhere.

We get a real window into the world’s of others and we have the opportunity both to learn and to occasionally walk in their shoes. To my fellow bloggers thank you for sharing your stories (including the more challenging moments)shoes and your world with me.

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