Reggie Brown

Trying to locate the newspaper articles about John Panton today, I came across the following  essay from a boy called Reggie Brown. He was born in 1910.  I think it illustrates my point about including those who are not directly related in your family story. The teacher to whom I do happen to be related, actually kept this her entire life.

Written 27th March, 1919

Dear Teacher

When I am a man I will be a sailor and go to France, Spain, Russia, Denmark and Austria. I will go on a boat called the ?(I cannot read this) or in a tin fish. If there are any mines about I will steer away.

Perhaps we will land at Japan. I will work my way to lieutenant then to captain then to admiral of the fleet.

And fire off the gun and sink the ships and win the Victoria Cross and be one of the King’s heroes.

From your loving pupil

Reggie Brown

As far as I am aware I am totally unrelated to Reggie Brown but this has not stopped me putting him in my tree and trying to discover the details of his life.

Perhaps one day somebody will discover his writing on my tree and be able to tell me whether any of his childhood dreams came true.  History does teach us that he may well have had the chance to fight for his country.

I should add that I am continuing to research Reggie Brown and I have reached out  to some of his relatives on Ancestry. I await a response.



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