“I try to stay in a state of confusion, just because of the expression it leaves on my face”. Johnny Depp

confusion (1)Edward Scrivener eventually sold his extensive property in 1858, at which point it is described as having been run as a successful business for more than fifty years.(Lincolnshire Chronicle, Friday 15 October, 1858).

I do know John Panton was still working as a tallow chandler in 1862, as that is how he describes himself on the wedding certificate of his daughter. I now realise he was unlikely to have been working for Edward Scrivener as the business had been sold by this point.

As I am taking you on a journey, I will describe my confusion over Panton addresses.

The John Panton with which my blog is concerned lived in 1851 at 52 Bail Gate.(interesting note that in 1944 Elizabeth and Arthur Lowe, occupied the property(Lincolnshire Echo, 24th April, 1944).

The period from 1862 until his apparent death in 1885 is currently blank however.

Now as I look at things again, I discover John(who by this time is describing himself as a retired farmer) and Mary Panton living with their son Henry. For some reason’ I had Henry born at two different dates, but 1845 fits perfectly..

In 1881 John Panton is living with his wife at Peel House, which appears to be some sort of hospital or charitable institution. His wife, Mary is giving her place of birth as Cammeringham. Cammeringham and Coleby where she described her birthplace in previous censuses are some 15 miles apart, still I have a new lead.Mary North took me in an interesting direction. There are several possible candidates born at around the right time. I have found a Mary North baptised in Goolceby in 1800(original document unavailable to check this spelling), a Mary North baptised in Coningsby in 1802 and a Mary North baptised in St Mary Magdalane, Lincoln, in 1803 which I initially strongly favoured, as so much Panton activity has taken place in and around that particular parish.

Now I am thoroughly confused as I notice I have actually attached at least two different 1851 census to her..

(I did say this was about the journey.)

I will now resort to what I believe we older people tend to do in these situations-hard copy.(This may take a while:))

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