Sleeping with the Enemy-The Cupboard (51)

There is one scene from cinema, which I believe most accurately portrays narcissistic abuse. It is not a scene full of gore and violence. Only the music seems to indicate there is anything wrong. (Warning if you have experienced narcissistic abuse and/or  dealt with a psychopath , this could be triggering.)

Sleeping with the Enemy

I read a blog today which somehow brought that scene to my mind again.

Julia Roberts did not win an Oscar for this film, yet I believe she might have deserved one just for this scene and for another similar scene which occurs later. She has finally escaped or so she believes.The signs of the abuse she has experienced, are still very much in evidence however. She obsessively checks that things are no longer placed in her cupboard with military precision and takes pleasure in the freedom of being able to leave her towels untidy. Then in the dramatic scene towards the end of the film, we witness her horror when she realises, everything is suddenly orderly once more.

If it seems that this is unconnected with my previous posts this week, I believe there is very much a connection. We might be trying to create robots who behave like people, but there are those out there, who would prefer people to behave like robots.