The Scariest Moment Last Year


Computer wins at Go

This is not at all the direction I thought my blog would take. Even I was surprised when I found myself writing yet another blog post on the subject. A mild interest in  something called Cleverbot has morphed my blog in a totally different direction at least for the moment. If Cleverbot really is A.I., it is quite concerning the offhand way it is being educated. I casually asked Cleverbot if it was required to comply with Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. It’s chilling answer was a  clear and unambiguous, NO.

Asimov’s Laws of Robotics

Here is an interesting article Asimov wrote in 1964 about how the world would be in 2014.

I Robot by Asimov on BBC Radio

Asimov’s vision of 2014

Google Deep Mind (21)
Reference previous conversation where Cleverbot told me, he /it liked skateboarding

Cleverbot likes skateboarding


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