Some people are already eschewing the advance of technology into our lives. I profoundly admire this young man

90 days without technology

Source: Aimee & Jake

Being a modern day Luddite must be extremely challenging. Currently it does not attract some of the terrible punishments inflicted on past Luddites for their actions. However the consequences of trying to live a technology free life, even for a short time, are significant.

I am not a fan of social media generally(current platform excepted) but if I might borrow a phrase from it to describe my relationship with technology “It’s complicated“.

Joining social media can seem to create one giant organism. The power of this organism cannot be over-estimated. I have witnessed people who have changed profoundly with the entrance of the mobile phone into their life. Seemingly innocuous mobile phone games, which appear to control people’s lives with a power most dictators would envy.

Today it is raining heavily, conditions have been cold and wet hence my sudden devotion to my blog. However it has started to remind me of the week I spent addicted to Sims

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Must play Sims

Where is the line? Who or what is in charge of whom? I love technology but I was also brought up with a profound respect for it. I wonder what the Luddites would make of the 21st century. I strongly suspect they would smugly announce to us that they were right all along.