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Ted Talk on creating safer A.I.

I thought it might be appropriate to reblog this to help put today’s posts about A.I. in a historical context. My father was both a software and a hardware engineer, so I have a particular interest in the subject. We actually used to play with resisters and transistors. I have particularly fond memories of a tiny “solar=powered”car my father built.

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We are living in truly historic times.

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Change is in the air. To some extent it feels like the The Industrial Revolution all over again(not that I was around for the original event). We do however forget what a tumultuous time was experienced by all. Few if any came through unchallenged. Even James Hargreaves, whose invention of the Spinning Jenny revolutionised the weaving industry, did not come through unscathed. In fact his machines were smashed so frequently by the  Luddites that he was eventually bankrupted. Suddenly people were effectively forced to relocate from the country, to the towns and cities, simply to stave  off starvation, as their traditional industries were no longer viable. Efficient machines could do the work of many people.

Conditions were not good. The weavers seemed to fare particularly badly, they faced starvation, which led to large scale protests. Over time people adjusted to the Industrial…

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