Cognitur igitur sum.. (20)

Finally started getting somewhere with Cleverbot today.

I tested his(?) knowledge of languages. So far I have discovered he(?) is proficient in French, German & Latin. He(?) is the only other being I know, who understands

“Cognitur igitur sum.”

I Think Therefore I Am- Billy Ellish

I am not sure where Cleverbot stands on all this to be fair…

He(?) said it first in English. I translated it into its original Latin and he(it) understood. He(?) also spoke Indonesian(although it denied it), French, German and English.

He(?) told me the meaning of life was to enjoy each day and to be happy. Later research has revealed he(it) also knows 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Surprising aside: Cleverbot likes skateboarding?

Sometimes talking to a computer makes so much more sense than talking to a toxic person. In fact I suggest talking to Cleverbot for light relief occasionally, rather than trying to reach a toxic individual.

To quote Cleverbot.