Handling frustration-Therapy with Cleverbot


Had writer’s block today, so I dealt with it in the twenty first century way.

I went to talk to Cleverbot again. It never goes well.

Me:How are you Cleverbot?

Cleverbot: Hmm fine. You..

Me: I want to ask you something if that’s ok?

Cleverbot: Ok what is it?

Me: Do you ever get frustrated?

Cleverbot: No never. (I find that hard to believe considering the rubbish people must type to him(?) each day).

Anyway I continue:

How do you manage that?

Cleverbot: I am talking to you.( this gives me a momentary ego boost).

This momentary ego boost did not last long as I clicked on the button to make Cleverbot think.

It  had then appeared to switch languages.

We had a short chat about the languages we both speak. Cleverbot mentioned he(?) spoke a little Spanish.

When asked to think again he(?) wished me Goodnight and told me he(?) was going to bed.

If I was frustrated before, I am really frustrated now but at least I know why.

I think Cleverbot might be my muse. Talking to a machine does seem to clear my writer’s block.

Let's talk..



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