One Day We Will Laugh About This..

This is a phrase which has kept me going through some of life’s more challenging moments. In the fullness of time, I have usually managed to see the funny side of most things. Keeping a sense of perspective is important. Through the dark days of the Cold War, I used to lie in bed at night contemplating the possibility of our being targeted by nuclear missiles. Nonetheless political satire was at it’s zenith. I decided to go on a trip down memory lane today and look at how we used to mercilessly rib politicians, the royal family, film stars etc. etc. In the UK it had eventually became an honour, almost like getting your own star outside the Chinese Theater, when you became a puppet on Spitting Image.(just spent the last ten minutes on You Tube investigating Spitting Image for a clip that was not too offensive to link to here-no success, so I will just say investigate at your own risk and prepare to be offended).

Another blog about Spitting Image may be found here

The ability to laugh at oneself is an important one-to recognise our foibles and acknowledge for five minutes, how the rest of the world may not always take us as seriously as we do.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox quote below:(hear the entire poem recited here )

Laugh and the world laughs with you.

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