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Discovered this interesting Ted talk on this subject today:

Ted Talk-Looking at things from a different perspective

Is it just me or is anybody else getting sick of search engines stereotyping them. Click on one app and suddenly you are new age and you get half a dozen apps recommended, about your chakra. Click on another and you are pigeonholed as wanting a whole heap of books on how to manage a succession of mental or physical ailments.

Is it just me who tries to buck their little system and who deliberately clicks on something unconventional, just to keep a bit of variety. Sometimes I like to listen to viewpoints with which I actually disagree. In fact there are certain journalists whose opinion pieces actually set my teeth on edge and yet I am still prepared to read them just to screw with whatever search engine I happen to be using at the time and their recommendations.

If we are being led into a world where we get presented only with what we want to hear, I believe we are headed down a very dangerous path indeed. My best friends are frequently those with a polar opposite opinion to mine. The only other person I notice who is prepared to openly behave this way is Bill Maher. He can be very gracious with his right wing guests and insists they are respected by his audience. In fact despite  clearly leaning to the left himself, he has  admitted friendships with some of those very definitely from the other side of politics. We all have stuff to learn from others, even if we vehemently disagree with them. It seems to me we are being led down an increasingly narrow and intolerant path. This seems to be happening across all manner of fields. Thank you search engines, a world without you is unthinkable now but some of us like to keep learning from others even if we do not always share their opinions.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

(originally attributed to Voltaire but there is some debate about this).  .

I do not always want to necessarily be pigeonholed by one app I  happen to click on or one newspaper, at which I happen to glance.  I appreciate the protection from some of the nonsense out there but just occasionally I like to fly free.

Here is what Bill Maher has to say on this subject:Bill Maher on personalised media content

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