I believe now it is my daughter’s destiny to help make this happen, which is why her birth was such a tumultuous time.

I would like to thank my son for his efforts in helping me resize the title of my blog. It looks so much better. Thank You!

Today I thought I would let my daughter do the blogging for me. When she was about nine years old, I got called into her classroom. Her school career is now almost over and this is one of only two occasions, I have been asked to come in by her teacher. The other occasion was when she had fallen asleep in class, after a particularly exhausting weekend away.

Her teachers were really excited about something she had written. I want to thank them for taking the time to help her express her ideas. I reproduce her thoughts below:


I would help the animals by breeding two of each kind. especially the blue whale.

I would not use power. I would plant trees for koalas and other animals.

I would make bins that if you don’t put rubbish in it, it will get it and if you try to tip the rubbish it will know.

I would build cars and boats that don’t take oil.

I would give animals homes and food.

I would stop wars, find medicines and I would give presents to people who had no toys.

I would give them food. People who have no families. I would give them a home, food and a family.

I would make books for people who are robbers to learn to be good.

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