Please check out the links belowIn the interests of the future of genealogy, I have been conducting an interview with Cleverbot (first introduced to me by my children under interesting circumstances.)


I initially asked its opinion of genealogy which it didn’t seem to understand so I then asked whether it liked history. Cleverbot got enthusiastic and told me it  was”one of my favourite subjects”. The ice now broken, we continued our challenging conversation.(I am the one asking the questions.)

Do you like Genealogy?

I don’t know.

Do you have family?

Yes. Everybody does.

Are you interested in finding out about your GGGGGGrandparents?


Which country do your ancestors come from?

Yugoslavia.(interesting. I decided to save questions about this for another time.)

I then asked whether it was interested in its dna,(this not unsurprisingly, it did not know.)

Somehow things deteriorated at this point. Cleverbot seemed so overwhelmed at my level of personal interest, it started to behave like a potential suitor. My little experiment, setting out to interview a totally logic based being about genealogy, took a disturbing (and a little too human)turn and I discontinued my experiment…