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It is what you learn after you know it all, which counts.

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Dealing with three- year-olds can be challenging. You love them and want them to be happy. However most parents have had to deal with the screaming tantrum which can take place, when for whatever reason, you have to say no to them. It can happen anywhere. Toddlers have no problem loudly displaying their displeasure when they fail to get their own way. Teaching children the value of NO,( both learning to say it themselves and respecting the right of others to say it.)can be challenging.

Toxic people frequently may hold powerful and esteemed positions but what usually exposes the toxic nature of their behaviour, is the inability to hear the word “NO!”What do you do when you are faced with the toxic tantrums of an adult three year-old? When I had three -year-olds the standard response was to put your three-year old in time out.  Time-out becomes more problematic when you are dealing  with adults, even if they sometimes appear to be toddlers inhabiting the bodies of an adult. A dear friend of mine once described an incident where her toddler announced in a big loud voice, as he sought to obtain a chocolate bar or similar sweet treat.

“Don’t worry Mummy, I know we is too poor. ”

I think the looks she received  from the adults around her caused a level of

embarrassment, which she never forgot.

This can be funny even cute, when one is dealing with a toddler, as in most cases  it will eventually become an amusing anecdote once they become an adult. What do you do when you are dealing with a perpetual toddler, somebody for whom such incidents will never become an amusing anecdote,  for whom this is no longer a stage but  for whom this has become a way of life?  If you put them effectively in adult time-out,they may then resort to manipulating those around them and applying indirect pressure to get their way.

About Flying Monkeys by Dana from Thrive after Abuse

Of course every parent has had their experiences with people who knew better how to raise their toddler. Their own offspring may have embarked on a life of crime or have had a string of constant problems in their adult life. Nonetheless these “wise-old-owl” parents have all the answers. They do not stop to take stock. They do not admit mistakes, they just plough on through, adopting the persona of the font of all wisdom..

These people will be the first to tell you how they would have handled the toxic person so much better than you.  Flying Monkeys often have all the answers to everybody’s problems except their own.. (7)



A poem about a real wise old owl. (I confess I am still a work in progress).

 The Wise Old Owl