The Dream is not over

Ideals are hard to live by, especially in the current world environment but today I came across young women, living by their ideals under the most challenging of circumstances.

A few weeks ago I had no idea that Ariana Grande would become one of my favourite people. Following the tragic events in Manchester, part of me wondered if Ariana would ever feel able to give another concert. Her reaction to the horror was both real and touching, saying simply that she was “Broken”. I was equally impressed with her mother who had acted to bring some of the distressed young girls backstage with her.

Seeing Ariane head tearfully for home, I had wondered if that was it. I for one would not have blamed her if she had decided to take things quietly for a while. Yet two weeks later there she is back in Manchester and giving another concert for her fans.

These are ideals in action. This is believing in what you do. Ariana and Miley Cyrus brought me to tears today, with their rendition of the old Crowded House song, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.


Don’t dream it’s over


Miley Cyrus was amazing. Miley has had her fair share of critics and yet she helped Ariana make a powerful statement through music. As a mother of a teenage daughter, I was deeply affected by events in the Manchester.  Ariana and Miley reminded me of something today even though I am considerably older than them. They demonstrated courage and they reminded me how to silence your critics and how to fight back. I have been reminded how battles are won through steadfast courage and resilience. These are qualities which have stood people in good stead throughout history. These are the qualities which will ensure that the people of Manchester, the UK and also hopefully Ariana, will emerge from this stronger than ever, as these are the qualities which they have all demonstrated so well..



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