Flying Monkey Therapists

Flying Monkey TherapistSome of my most traumatic experiences have been caused by therapists. The golden rule is to stay away from therapy, if there is a toxic dynamic but most of us know little or anything about toxic behavior when we start this journey. Therapists etc. however. should be aware of the intricacies of toxic people and their abuse, else they risk doing some real damage,  by inadvertently becoming a flying monkey for a toxic person. Even if a target escapes  excruciating therapy with the toxic abuser, therapists can inadvertently empower and embolden the narcissistic individual with a new range of knowledge and terms, which can then be used with relish upon their prey.

Therapists if you feel you may be out of your depth. (Training in recognising and dealing with narcissists et al generally seems lacking) have the courage to refer clients to somebody more versed on the subject  and when possible get the  relevant training yourself. Admitting not to know everything is a strength not a weakness.

People’s lives are potentially in your hands.

Flying monkeys-A good article on flying monkeys can be found here:

Flying monkeys

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