Daily Prompt: Waiting

via Daily Prompt: Waiting

Everything comes to he who waits..

How often did I hear that growing up?I confess it is one of those sayings I have held onto steadfastly since childhood. Interestingly I have a scientific mind yet I have never sought to challenge this apparently sensible premise, which paired nicely with

Patience is a virtue

Maybe I should compile a list of  the things for which I have waited over the years and apply some sort of statistical analysis.

Now what have I waited for over the years and what has actually happened?

I waited for friends.Check

I waited for my baby brother to grow and become a great playmate. Check.

I waited excitedly for my Mother who was busy knitting a jumper. Check.

There have been however a few things for which I have waited in vain-the price to come down on an expensive pair of trousers.

The love of my life to act like I was the love of his.

My sense of style to be ‘in’.

A quick statistical analysis does seem to indicate that on the whole waiting is worthwhile.

One day I may write something of real significance-the challenge is CAN YOU WAIT?

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