Daily Prompt: Clumsy

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy

It is my experience that first  attempts at most things are and indeed should be clumsy. From our first faltering steps to our first attempts at driving or making a meal -in fact, doing just about anything. Are some people  really born totally competent in all areas?  I equate clumsiness with courage and the willingness to have a go. In many ways it would be so much easier to sit in  our comfort zone and to never attempt anything new, until we are sure of our skill and ability to perform perfectly-to never face often humiliating first missteps.

For most of us starting anything new, involves accepting there will be a clumsy stage. It is the courage to keep going which ultimately counts-to embrace and accept our clumsiness .

Just discovered there is a website for Clumsy Bloggers..

Maybe I am not alone..