Quirk-A peculiar aspect of one’s character or behaviour( Oxford Living Dictionary).


If I am intent on mentioning the quirks of others. I feel it is only fair I should be mentioning one of my own.

I have a thing about people misusing footpaths in any way-parking across them, scrawling in the wet concrete,  spreading their tools across them while they work on fences, hedges etc, sitting down on them to hold some group conversation(popular at one stage with local youngsters,). This did not really become a personal quirk of mine, until the arrival of children and the need to push a pram, often having to go out in the middle of the road to do so-; This was no fun, particularly when a second child had also to be helped to also circumnavigate the obstacle. I have to say this is far from my only quirk but it is the only one to which I am currently prepared to admit..

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