One of the activities which I find both revealing and enjoyable is cutting and pasting.Frequently one ends up with a mass of material when doing family history research.I found it useful to physically cut out all related material- perhaps about a family a person or an event and physically stick it onto a piece of A3. It is amazing what can be discovered in this way. I realised when I had compiled all the relevant information together about one particular couple, that they  had both been arrested for totally separate illegal activities, on the same day in 1845.I have been unable to find any evidence of what may have triggered their crime spree. It would seem on that day 21st March 1845 the need for money had become particularly desperate.

I have found this particular technique really effective. In one instance it gave me the bare bones of an article which I produced about a fallen World War One soldier. I was able to put together newspaper articles with diary accounts and military records quickly and easily. One such article has been published and another is to be found  on the Lives of World War One website. My aim   is to   eventually honour every member of that regiment  who fell on that fateful day..

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