How Alienators Work

Jungle Book – Bagheera Leaves Mowgli

Narcissists wait for the healthy disagreements which occur in most relationships, then come along as a rescuer.

Trust In Me – Jungle Book

It is like terrorism. To prevent it, we have to get it right every time. They only need to get it right once!


To my mind it was inevitable that the toxic people would have victories but sometimes you have to be prepared to lose a battle to win a war! My grandparents taught me that sometimes you need to beat a retreat! They knew I was a determined fighter,

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Maybe even let them be the ones who have to win every battle for a while. The French put up some pretty feisty resistance,


One of My Favourite Politicians

Jacqui Lambie is by far my favourite Australian political figure. Whether I agree with her or not she speaks from the heart.

Women need to support one another regardless of their personal, professional or political differences. Jacqui has been to Hell and back. I watched a fantastic Australian Story about her. She went through a long period of despair and unemployment following being invalided out of the military. She had at least one lengthy stay in a mental hospital.

I admire Jackie Lambie. However the vast majority of women I have come across here, I have been known to describe as hard-nosed Aussie bit@#es! They are manipulative, spiteful bit@#es, who don’t even wait till you are out of earshot to start talking about you. Muriel’s wedding was a damning indictment of many women here only they were too dumb to realise. I have always planned to have my own Rachel Griffiths moment one day.

Now that is my kind of therapy.

As for that 🐮 at Melbourne Airport who was giving people in wheelchairs a hard time, She is just par for the course! I actually feel sorry for men here much of the time,

I have been through the court system first because of my abuse and then due to my nightmare of my divorce. I stuck my marriage out for so long because I believed I would be unlikely to win a custody battle and our children would have been left in danger. I personally knew of children who had been sexually abused ( sexual abuse was not an issue with my ex,) who had been forced into repeated contact with their abuser. Jacquie Lambie Talks About Fanily Court Being Abolished by The Government.

Whenever my ex was triggered the children would have been in real danger. There was also a sexual predator lurking in the background. Once children have been assaulted that is it. It is extremely hard to fix the damage done. Not infrequently such children end up lost in the system. where It is unlikely a. judge will patiently listens to a child’s viewpoint on custody matters. A narcissist’s skill at parental alienation tends to mean that the non-,toxic parent is in the battle of their lives. I have met battered women who have lost custody of their children to an abuser. Why would full custody be awarded to somebody who has regularly assaulted their partner? I know that to me that said that what he did to me was of no importance. My ex had an army of people ready to believe his bull. He still does have. I had nobody. I had to attend court alone.

Letter From A Woman Who Has Lost Her Children to Parental Alienation

I am proud of the fact that both.our children still love their father. My line has usually been that they can love us both despite our flaws. I have tried to face the things I may have done wrong. They have got exasperated with me at times for worrying about what I may have done wrong. I can see where he has already been chipping away at their reality but I did what I set out to do. I gave them a choice and a mind of their own. I can do no more.

if You Love Somebody Set Them Free.

Proverbs 22:6

Soloman’s Famous Judgement

These Boots Are Made For Walking


Dr Martens have been a feature of my life since my twenties, My latest pair are pale pink. I have a blue pair of shoes, a brown pair and a black pair of boots somewhere.

These boots are made for walking

Just like my son when animals come on the TV, I had sar up and taken notice when this song had come on the TV. I must have been only three at the time!

Can you imagine the male outcry if this song were released today. Back then men were expected to have broad shoulders .

My brown pair have travelled the world with me.

Mum does not like to be seen with me, when I am wearing my Doc Martens, Sorry Mum!

I never feel more me than when I am wearing my Doc Martins.

Source:weissebrauen https://www.youtube.com/user/weissebrauen

The Sinking of The Titanic

Flash And The Pan – And The Band Played On (Down Among The Dead Men) [1978]

The band on the Titanic was purported to have played Nearer My God To Thee as the ship sank.

Titanic Original Survivor’s Interviews

My grandmother often spoke about the sinking of the Titanic and the band playing as the ship sank. Many of the men went down with the ship.

Eva Hart Describes The Sinking of The Titanic(1985)

TITANIC 2O Years Later – James Cameron

Titanic – A Rememberance – National Geographic

The Tower of Babel was supposed to reach heaven

The Hubble Telescope?- (This was originally supposed to see the origins of the universe)

The Hadron Collider? ,

Every time man has “gotten too big for their boots.”The Titanic ( The unsinkable ship).”

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ – Mona Lisa Twins,

New and improved/microchipped humans are just their latest attempt?

Our arrogant human ideas eventually get shot down in flames.